• Reactive to Pro-active

    Prevent a supply chain exception tomorrow by knowing about it today.
  • Batch to Real-time

    No more BI latency. No more information lag. Welcome to Real time Predictive Operational Intelligence.
  • Complex to Simple

    Running Operations is hard enough. Embrace Responsive & Effortless user experience.
  • Silos to Collaboration

    Operations is team-work. In-context Collaboration is effective collaboration.
  • Just what needs attention!

    Your team needs to prioritize. Do they know which scenarios to focus on? Enable Management by Exception.


OpsVeda Operational Intelligence Platform provides CONTINUOUS, RELEVANT & MULTI-ENTERPRISE insight into Operations. We enable real time 'actionable' visibility across processes spanning order fulfillment, supply management, shipment logistics and channel operations.

OpsVeda Application Suite brings big data predictive analytics and deep business process expertise together to deliver outcomes for customers out of the box. Our customers span the high-tech, consumer goods, apparel & footwear and life sciences industries.

OpsVeda provides the complete solution stack – real time data streaming (back-end ERP/ carriers/ external/ legacy), data discovery, rules management, end user visualization, collaboration, and alerting. Deployed on cloud or on-premise, and accessed through desktop or mobile.

All in One Platform. Deployed in 30 Days.

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