No Charge Deployment for select SAP customers #

OpsVeda, powered by SAP HANA




OpsVeda enables a paradigm shift for SAP customers – an opportunity to shift operations from a “vastly excel intensive, nightly batch run based, search for problems paradigm”  to a streamlined real-time platform that brings Sales/ Supply/ Inventory/ Allocations insight and actionable drill-down, in LIVE storyboards for end users to manage by exceptions, and for managers & executives to gain oversight and end-to-end visibility!

OpsVeda’s ability to acquire and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time, and its out-of-the-box “Manage by Exception” paradigm, addresses the challenges typical customers face. The solution is pre-configured for key processes in the Fashion and Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Life Science, Food & Beverage, Industrials and High Tech industries. It can be easily configured to accommodate client specific requirements, definitions, and nuances – All in a matter of days.

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