Real-time Allocation Runs, Fill Rate Optimization and Inventory Disposition for Apparel, Footwear and Fashion (AFF) Companies

11:00AM PST | Wed, Aug 10, 2016


Most AFF companies have systems and supply chain environments that result in long Allocation run times, customer driven fill rate requirements that often result in penalties, and eventually inventory buildup that often wipes out margins. OpsVeda for AFF, powered by SAP HANA, presents a compelling solution that addresses all of the above challenges in a seamless manner, with a guaranteed deployment in 6 weeks or less.

In this webcast, the audience will learn the following:

  • A data model that enables Allocation runs spanning the entire enterprise, and all prioritization/ sort rules across the ship window, in real-time
  • Demand tree that pin-points negative Available-to-Ship (ATS) and fill rate shortages in real-time
  • Excess Inventory aging, and reasons for excess inventory pegged to cancellations, Late Arrival, excess forecasting, with a feedback loop used to predict how much of the current inventory will turn into excess inventory.

Session will include a live demonstration of OpsVeda and an interactive Q&A session.