Predict risks . Reduce bottlenecks.

Manufacturing & Quality Control departments today have plenty of sources of information – ERP/ CRM/ Procurement, MES, Equipment Sensors, Time logs and so on. But, regulatory requirements, cost constraints, rising quality expectations and demand uncertainty have forced managers to take decisions at a quicker pace than ever before. This has resulted in disruptions because of decisions being based on instinct rather than analysis of data.

OpsVeda – Manufacturing brings together data from various sources to provide real-time visibility to managers about likely disruptions on the shop-floor based on rules they define. The early highlighting of relevant exceptions among the sea of data enables proactive preventive action.





  • Complicated business processes
  • Constant shift level changes
  • Deep traceability requirements (regulatory)
  • Extensive documentation requirements

  • Too many systems
  • Shift change complexities
  • Up/ Down stream visibility & Impact assessment
  • Adherence to schedule
  • Keeping documentation and process in sync

  • Single workbench for the operations user
  • Cross-functional view of production activities
  • Visibility to the complete batch genealogy
  • In-context collaboration

Key Benefits

Improved adherence to schedule: Common visibility to tasks across departments through intuitive dashboards, leads to improved planning and tracking of production tasks. This in turn results in better on-time performance.

Efficient quality reviews: With inputs from every department at the finger tips of quality control, and easy batch traceability, the stage is set for timely and efficient quality reviews.

Improved hand-overs: Unstructured communication and workflows in context of production tasks allows for better shift-handover, effective planning and overall improved collaboration.