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With OpsVeda, an enterprise can better predict and act on operational exceptions well before they can happen. Translated into proactive action, it means forearming your Operations Teams to see budding disruptions in core business areas - Order Fulfillment, Supply Management, Shipment Logistics and Channel Operations.

OpsVeda is an Operational Intelligence Platform. Real-time enterprise data – the heart of any successful business operation be these internal (ERP, CRM, spreadsheets, etc.) or external (3PL, Customers, Suppliers, etc.) – are streamed in and analyzed on a continuous basis. It also overlays historical process patterns on current data so that lessons from past are not lost or forgotten but can stay part of your culture at your choosing.

Beyond helping your operations teams work smarter, faster, cut wastage and improve KPIs, how else can OpsVeda platform help you? Thanks to its real-time roots, your entire organization – from senior managers to staff – gets to view the same data and analysis, and has access to the same drill down capabilities, right down to that forgotten allocation hold on an order for pennyweight nails and how it impacted your OTD that period. Time-Travel technology lets you view your data – entire data – as of any moment in time (uh, only from past), a feature incredibly useful when doing some serious digging. That’s accountability through visibility.



For all its capabilities, OpsVeda is trivially easy to deploy, integrate and leverage. Leveraging standardized data interfaces, it can be plugged into any enterprise system landscape and be productive in 30-60 days Obviously we want to be conservative here in making that promise from get go. How do we accomplish that?

No deployment: OpsVeda is available on secure cloud Amazon Web Services VPC. This means no data center provisioning and no software management. (Yes, it can also be deployed on premise).
It’s just you, your data and your vision; upgrades, backups and disaster recovery already taken care of
Prebuilt configurations and data extractors for SAP ERP customers gets you a running start
Customizable by your team or our implementation team
Data streaming through well-defined and platform-agnostic web interfaces
No messy scheduled file uploads and cutovers
Business Users can directly define what they wish to monitor
Leaves your IT free to focus on more critical things
Fine-grained data access and permissions control
Capability to collaborate directly and discreetly with your customers and suppliers


OpsVeda runs on SAP HANA, an all-new, revolutionary, in-memory database technology, and securely housed in Amazon AWS running on memory-optimized server technology. Built as a Native SAP HANA Application, it provides you the fastest possible path to your data from in-memory tables to your web browser.


The availability of features and business content for different versions of OpsVeda is outlined in the table below.

Feature Version - 1.3 Version - 2.6
Deployment Model
On Premise Yes Yes
Cloud No Yes
Technology SAP Event Management SAP HANA
Dashboard based cockpits Yes Yes
Real-time data extraction Yes Yes
Exception Prediction Yes Yes
Collaboration tools Yes Yes
Search No Yes
User authored rules Yes Yes
Time Travel No Yes
Flexible Filter Configuration No Yes
Mobile & Tablet Access Native applications for iOS & Android HTML5
Business Processes
Order Fulfillment Yes Yes
Supply Management Yes Yes
Shipment Logistics Yes Yes
Product in Transit Yes Yes
Cash Receivables No Yes
Production & Quality Management No Yes
Plant Maintenance No Yes

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