OpsVeda simplifies every day decision making at large image2These could be decisions related to expediting inwards, suggesting an alternative product to the customer, prioritizing equipment for repair, certifying a manufactured batch, deciding which container to offload etc. Traditionally users make such decisions by collating data from various sources into spreadsheets followed by manual analysis. Typically the data would have changed by the time the decision is made, resulting in action directed at situations that have already passed.

OpsVeda allows operations users to focus on the decisions they have to make.The platform takes care of the acquisition and analysis of data from internal & external sources. All this happens in real-time. Hence users get answers for complex questions as and when the situation they are monitoring demands action.

The OpsVeda Platform comes pre-mapped for all major processes in core business execution areas. These include data acquisition scripts, event mappings, exception definitions, follow up actions and KPIs. Additional processes can be easily mapped given the flexibility offered by the platform’s data model. For select industries key special processes have also been pre-mapped.

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OpsVeda Real-time Operations

7 roles, 7 answers each, in real-time@ #Know.Now

s p e R s e l a S

  • Customer order pattern change
  • Lost sales by category/ region
  • Over sold transactions
  • Order exceptions
  • Excess and Deficits
  • Under sold opportunities

r e m o t s uC

e c i v r e S

  • Shippable SO < 100% filled
  • Past cancel < 100% filled
  • Overlapping contracts
  • Alternate Sloc / Label/ SKUs
  • Under sold opportunities
  • Order exceptions
  • Blocks/ holds/ incompletes

s e l a S

s n o i t a r e p O

  • Pick ticket analysis (delivery)
  • Projected allocation/ priority
  • Fill rates/ OOS/ NOOS/ OSAR
  • Container prioritization
  • Past cancel/ MABD
  • Forecast to order discrepancy
  • Credit and receivables

s c i t s i g o L

  • 3PL exceptions
  • Pick ticket analysis (shipments)
  • Tracking next 7 days (units)
  • Routing by stage (units)
  • Product in transit
  • Units within ship window
  • Container prioritization

g n i c r u o S

  • Predictive impacts on production
  • Predictive impacts on sales
  • Delayed orders by stage
  • Supplier OT and FR scoring
  • Under/ over procurement
  • Sourcing exceptions
  • Blocks/ holds/ incompletes

g n i r u t c a f u n a M

  • Predictive procurement Impacts
  • Predictive impacts on sales
  • Quality impacts
  • WIP/ RM/ FG inventory
  • Manufacturing exceptions
  • Maintenance impacts
  • Lot Tracking/ genealogy

m a e T

e v i t u c e x E

  • Current month revenue potential
  • Budget & forecast
  • At risk transactions
  • Sales/ sourcing trends/ metrics
  • Inventory deployment/ aging
  • Customer/ vendor patterns
  • Process bottlenecks

The OpsVeda Platform

OpsVeda is a Real Time Operational Intelligence Platform that Optimizes Business’ Response to Supply & Demand Variations, Opportunities and Threats.

OpsVeda makes Operations Simple.



OpsVeda Mobile Enablement

Don’t let ‘data lag’ stop your key business processes. Get into action now. OpsVeda brings real-time insights to your mobile that tells you exactly what to do! Anytime! Anywhere!- Enhance customer engagement for maximized revenue and sky-high productivity.



Order Fulfillment

OpsVeda – Order Fulfillment is a comprehensive Web based application enabling Customer Service and Sales Operations teams to address sales exceptions in a highly pro-active, efficient, and scalable manner.

Built on the OpsVeda platform, the system leverages complex event processing with real-time integration into backend systems like ERP and CRM, empowering sales to track order processing and address issues before they happen, and giving more visibility and agility to the Order to Cash process.


Supply Management

As the supply chain gets leaner, more are the chances of a supplier error having a cascading effect all the way to your customer. OpsVeda — Supply Management tracks the end to end procure to pay process in real-time — from raising the PO to the goods being received at your ware-house and the payment being made. Any inconsistency (eg. vendor commitment not in-line with expectation) is sensed as the transactions happen, and the system predicts the impact it will have downstream — based on which relevant alerts are raised to bring the issue to the notice of the personnel who can take preventive/corrective action to avoid delays to your end customer.



Product in Transit

With an ever expanding manufacturing base and global market presence, the duration & amount of inventory in transit has steadily inched up. Furthermore, the impact of delays or disruption now have a much larger ripple effect on supply chain execution. As a result, up to date visibility into in-transit inventory with real time integration to carriers’ systems or 3PL service provider’s system is critical to your success in meeting your customer commitments. OpsVeda—Product in Transit is an application that gives your logistics execution teams, real time cumulated visibility to your products and shipments while in transit, through all stages from the time goods leave the factory to proof of delivery.



Production managers today have plenty of sources of information – ERP/ CRM/ Procurement, MES, Equipment Sensors, Time logs and so on. But, regulatory requirements, cost constraints, rising quality expectations, demand uncertainty etc. have forced managers to take decisions at a quicker pace than ever before. The result – many decisions are based on instinct rather than diligent analysis of the available abundant data leading to disruptions that are preventable in hindsight.




Prescriptive Maintenance

With the advent of demand driven supply chains, managing enterprise assets is not just about timely maintenance. It is more about making sure that asset non-availability (due to breakdown or scheduled maintenance) is not a bottleneck when opportunities unfold.


From Raw Data to Actionable Insights


Enterprise data is streamed into the OpsVeda Platform and analyzed on a continuous basis. The data can be from any source – internal (ERP, CRM, spreadsheets, etc.), from partners (Channel, Customers, Suppliers, etc.) or from things (Sensors, 3PL, Carriers, Weather etc.). OpsVeda brings them all together and presents actionable intelligence to the operations user. No more stitching together multiple spreadsheets or guess work based on past data. The entire organization – from senior managers to staff – gets the same single view of the problem and the solution.




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“5 times faster than with the classical approach.”